The long wait is just about over and I am very excited to share a brand new resource that is going to help you grow your business.

I’m sending this out now to give you an update on the plan for the big launch of the new Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast!

I’ve been working like crazy behind the scenes to produce a great new show and wanted to let you know what I will be covering and why I’m doing another podcast.

If you want to see the podcast that helped launch me into the stratosphere, take a look at the Wet Fly Swing Podcast.


Before I jump fully into the highlights I want to see if you can go to and click subscribe and listen to a little bit of the new show to help with the launch.

This will help build some buzz and get the show out to some new earballs.

thank you!


So why do we need another marketing podcast?

Online marketing has always been a passion of mine.  And after seeing the success of the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and connecting with some of the fly fishing and outdoors companies over the last three years  I really wanted to see if I can help those brands.

I’m not the expert but I know the some of the most knowledgable internet marketing experts in the world and want to share them with you.


Who are the experts?

Click here and listen to some of the podcast interviews.


Season 1 of the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast

In season 1 I have plenty of podcasting experts to help you start your podcast or grow your current one.

If you can think of a topic or struggle of yours with online marketing I will have an episode to cover it.


The Plan

I’ll be interviewing one new expert each week to share tips and trick on specific topics.

I’ll be continuing the coaching calls so if you are a business and need a little lift click here.


Call to Action

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  2. Click subscribe and listen to 2 minutes of the show
  3. Click here and let me know if you don’t see the podcast on your app, or anywhere else you search for it




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That’s it for now.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!