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Introduction the 2021 Podcast Topics for Outdoors Online

I share a quick rundown on what we have coming for new Podcast Topics in 2021 and beyond and my chance to thank you for listening and downloading the show today.  I was able to interview some of the biggest names to talk about online marketing, social media, podcasting and so much more.


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Show Notes  for Podcast Topics in 2021

Jay Abraham was on the show and is a billion dollar business mentor.  Jay shared is theses on preeminence and what you can do now to improve your business.

– I noted the We Speak Trout Podcast which is my third in the new podcast category.

– I noted the US Skull Hunter and my friend Hunter.



Thank you for your Support!

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The Seth Godin Quote


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2021 Podcast Topics Conclusion via Outdoors Online

I run through a summary of how 2020 went in the podcast and then share what’s on tap for 2021 and beyond.  I wanted to thank you for your support this year and for all of the great guests we’ve had on the show.  If you have feedback for the show please leave an email or comment below.

If you want to support the podcast in 2021 please share the show with at least one other person and let them know how it helped.  I would also love to hear if you have show topic ideas.  What is your biggest struggle right now with online marketing?