How to Build a Community with Jessica Shambora [Listen Below]:

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I sat down with Jessica Shambora from Mighty Networks who shows us how to build a community for your business.  We find the steps to provide content and engage with your community.  We talk about how you can easily schedule out your group postings so it’s queued up.

Find out how to create a monthly and weekly content calendar to help guide the direction of the community and how to keep the group growing.  We talk about how to lean on your community members so they can focus on what’s important.


how to build a community

photo via: Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


Show Notes with Jessica Shambora

02:45 – Here’s a link to the Wet Fly Swing Mighty Network where we are taking the podcast even deep

03:30 – Facebook, Instagream and Quora were all companies Jessica worked for in the past.

07:10 – I noted Louis Cahill with Gink and Gasoline and his take on getting off of Facebook.

18:30 – We talk about the 3 tiers of the Mighty Network

20:30 – The Events feature has a zoom integration feature

35:15 – Here’s a link to the refresh course

48:00 – The mighty networks podcast

55:00 – Native Videos and Courses is now live



You can find Jessica at


mighty networks


Top 10 on Growing a Community

  1. Understand who your audience is
  2. Bring your audience together so they can connect with each other
  3. Follow the Community Design Course
  4. Introductions Thread to start
  5. Welcome article and onboarding
  6. What are we all here together for:  Purpose
  7. What does a week look like in the group
  8. Get really specific with your group questions
  9. Start with Founding members at the same time
  10. Pick one or two things per week like follow up from podcast



how to build a community

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


Resources Noted in the Show

Community Design Course from Mighty Networks



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jessica shambora

How to Build a Community Conclusion with Jessica Shambora

Jessica Shambora from Mighty Networks shows us how to build a community for your business by focusing on engaging your community and customers.  Jessica shares some tips like live calls, how-to topics and the best way to guide the direction of the group.

We hear about the best way to create a community-driven course even if you don’t have a lot of people on your email list.  Jessica walks us through all of the steps today including a great course that I have used to build a community.